13 April 2010

Radley bags + Pashley bikes

Bright + cheerful British fashion accessory company, Radley, launch their S/S 2010 collection with the ever popular bicycle-as-marketing tool... this season's photoshoot (above) and a customized Pashley bike give away (sadly only open to UK residents)...
However, Radely has crossed the pond with a recently launched website for those living in the USofA.


  1. Ah, you keep hitting on all of my favorite things lately! I have a Radley pocketbook (with little file sections in it!) and it is most handy for a woman on the go. Nice to know that one's choices in the States are no longer limited to what's on ebay.

    Also- the new Basil basket designs are so stunning... I love my black mesh basket but I sure wish I could make the pastels work with my red bike...

  2. Anonymous10.5.10

    I have just won a Radley bike with all the accessories from the competition in the Radley store Manchester, If anyone interested in buying it please e-mail at mrs.hol@tiscali.co.uk


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