20 April 2010

hello NYC bicycle boutique: Adeline Adeline

last month / renovating... not yet open

this month / photo from the NYTimes!

Last month, posters of over sized images of bicycles in a storefront peaked my interest. Then last week while biking in Tribeca along Reade Street's bike path... I was thrilled to find Adeline Adeline was open! FINALLY - NYC's answer to London's Bobbin Bicycle.

Adeline Adeline is "a very nice bicycle shop" indeed! Julie Hirschfeld, store founder and graphic designer, translates her aesthetic and design expertise into the world of bicycles beautifully by creating a cheerful and friendly "bicycle boutique". Located two blocks from the West Side Greenway bike path (perfect for test rides!) the shop is well stocked with a great assortment of city bicycles "that focuses on comfortable, relaxed riding for pleasure"! They also have a full service shop downstairs + stylish selection of accessories from helmets to baskets to bells...
Pashley's Princess Sovereign / Abici's Grandturismo / Bakfiets' Cargo Bike / Biomega's Amsterdam / Linus' DUTCHIE 3

It's well worth a visit!


  1. Lovely bicycle boutique! Nice mix of products.

    Seems like it would be so much fun to own a bike store. I envision a really luxurious retail environment... hardwood floors, coffee, books, and a rest area with a fireplace. Imagine these will be quite popular in just a couple of years.

  2. Christa -
    with an espresso machine... and a garden in the back for warm days (when the fireplace is not in use)!

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