02 March 2010

Republic goes Dutch

The people that partnered with Urban Outfitters & offered the customizable $399 bike have gone Dutch!

Republic is now offering these brand new bikes, also for $399, which Courtnee at Sweet Georgia Brown mentioned yesterday in her post about the burgeoning "toodling style".

What Republic has to say about the "Plato" bike: "Our Dutch bicycle is designed to let you sit upright, chest lifted, head high. It’s a graceful act, and Plato radiates joy with every revolution. So whether you're looking to spread the mirth on your commute or carry home that load in style, hop on, grip those swept-back bars and ride"

With the cycle chic in mind... you select your favorite colour combinations, and the model includes built-in front and rear rack (awesome), a chain guard keeping your pant cuff clean, kickstand, and as Courtnee points out, skirt guards for us ladies! I know these will appeal to friends of mine but just be aware the "Plato", weighs in at about 40 lbs (so you might not be thrilled to climb the stairs to your apartment with this style), comes in one "adjustable" size which they suggest for riders 5'2" - 5'11", and is a coaster bike with a front wheel break.

And, yes, Republic still offers their single speed fixed/free hub bikes...


  1. These are supremely cute but I can't seem to find a review of them anywhere. I'm curious as to how they ride.

  2. I believe they just started selling them (as of March 17th)... we should be hearing more about them shortly!

  3. Anonymous8.3.10

    I love your blog & and your posts - informative and most importantly you're unassuming towards bikes, biking and in your write-outs.

    A 'Republic' would prove to be a good bicycle at fair price(s). Don't have to take my word for it ; go for a test ride.
    If you do acquire one just take good care of it (regularly) and it [like other (brands of)bikes which are being taken good care of] would give you years of good service.

    Btw., I have no personal interest in the company or connection with any member of the management of 'Republic' bikes whatsoever.
    I'm not a 'bike-snob' so I just want to recommend something with value for money (there are a few other brands just as good & at 'cheap' prices :P).

    I'm just an avid cyclist and small time collector of bikes.

    Many thanks for this blog.


  4. Thanks, Anon.

    Great point about bike maintenance. With so many people new to bicycle ownership I'll plan on presenting some steps to keep any bike around for years to come.

    Having begun commuting on mountain bike in 1998 - I too am no bike snob. I care about increasing the number of people on bikes in hopes that bicycle-friendly infrastructure will pursue.

    + thanks for visiting!

  5. That cream bicycle at the top is dreamy.

    Though I'm also adding my vote for biking whatever bike you've got. I love the Dutch and vintage-style bikes but I've ridden ten-plus happy years on my nothing-special hybrid. It's the riding that matters more than the bike.

  6. Lovely! Really like the vintage inspired seat.


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