17 March 2010

potholes go dayglo

Spring brings the worst out of our streets. The pits, literally.

After posting one beautification take on the issue, just came across this project via the NYTimes...
Domenico Diego and Cristina Corradini of the Milan Polytechnic university call their plan the “Street Safe Initiative.” Their idea is to brightly color a lower layer of asphalt so that a break in the surface becomes easy to spot and the potholes easier to dodge.
“We have compared the road surface to the human skin,” Mr. Diego said. “When we are wounded, we start to bleed. So our idea is to put a layer of yellow asphalt beneath the tarmac, which appears and creates a high chromatic contrast that is visible from a distance.”

The project was of particular (timely) interest since this past winter NYC (along with much of the east coast) experienced more snow then usual and the streets are proof. They're a wreck. While the DOT has been out with crews patching but so much has yet to be done.

Encountering a pothole typically forces you one of two options: (1) maintain a straight line, head for it and potentially bend your rims, and if deep enough - sending you over your handlebar (2) swerve around them, freaking out unsuspecting motorists and fellow cyclists around you. Option 2 is not only a true test of ones reaction time but with the amount of traffic in this neck of the woods - it's a major safety issue. Take for example this gap (one of hundreds) I encountered this morning:

But if you are into taking matters into your own hands you could grab a can of day glo Krylon, or a bucket of Utra Crete's Instant Road Repair...

or fill out NYC DOT's "Report Pothole Defect" form ?!

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