12 March 2010

hello Pi rack

While in downtown Boston last weekend, I encountered Pi...
Designed as a foil on which to drape a bike frame, Pi allows quick release front tire to be removed and locked next to the bike. This sturdy solution meets Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle and Professionals (APBP) recommendations. (by Landscape Forms, Inc. / designed by Robert Chipman)
With no bike in sight at the time, the sticker on the rack was the real give away. Upon first glance, there was no indication of what the purpose of his tall black steel structure was (it's about 4' high). The real value of this design is perhaps for climates that receive loads of snow allowing a tall rack to peak out and keep your frame elevated. In addition to Pi, other sleek bike racks they manufacture...

photos via Landscape Forms, Inc. - with the except of the first two

1 comment:

  1. That Pi rack is interesting. I've seen them before, but did not realize the design purpose. I never remove my wheels when parking, but my husband would find that useful.


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