19 January 2010


'Traffic Park'

While indirectly related to the bicycle, wanted to share some charming transportation concepts... The Dutch collective Platform 21 had designers, who don't typically work with cars, transform a radio controlled car into the car of their dreams.

resembling Maya Lin's Wavefield...

Traffic Park by graphic designers Strange Attractors, Catelijne van Middelkoop and Ryan Pescatore Frisk

By creating nature on wheels, we take advantage of daily traffic jams and turn packed highways into endless green belts. Climb a tree, fly a kite, flip a burger, make friends – all while your tailgating vehicle manoeuvres itself through its concrete surroundings.

and koala bear style car pooling...


Kleefrijder by jewellery designer Dinie Besems

This car illustrates the new driving: kleefrijden, or sticky driving. Someday in the future big kleefrijders will drive around on the highways; you’ll be able to attach yourself and hitch a ride for free.

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