12 January 2010

CityRack lock up

With commuter cycling in NYC up 66% in the past two years, just as the city's parking meters are becoming a bike lock up option of the past, NYCDOT is slowly but surely installing more (and new) racks. A few days ago, across from Bespoke Bicycles in Fort Greene, I spotted the winner from NYC's 2008 CityRacks Design Competition... my very first (winning) CityRack lock up!
You might recall this international competition to design a new NYC bike rack coordinated by the NYCDOT in collaboration with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Google, and Transportation Alternatives.

Ian Mahaffy and Maarten De Greeve (Bettlelab), based in Copenhagen, developed the winning design (above). It is undeniably sleek, simple, utilitarian - while the crossbar makes it easy to lock up a little Dahon. It was interesting to find this one adhered directly to a subway vent rather then drilled into the sidewalk... it seems to leave your bike a little vulnerable but might just be easier for the DOT to install.

BikeHacks reported that 1,250 of the racks are planned to be installed around town. DOT, please hurry.

Two top photos via NYCityRacks.Wordpress
Bottom photo by for the LOVE of bikes

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