06 November 2009

wood, nature's carbon fiber

Portland-based Renovo Hardwood Bicycles state this is the smoothest bike you'll ever ride...
As wood absorbs vibration better than steel, aluminum or carbon, producing a uniquely smooth ride... the fatigue life of wood exceeds steel or aluminum, and approaches carbon.Renovo uses CNC technology to create a wood frame composed of two hollow halves which are bonded together enabling the frames to weight from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds - complete bikes weight 16.5 to 20 pounds. Light + beautiful + smooth.

via Lee Valley / via Neatorama

So I could not help myself from including this bike by Marco Facciola, a 16-year-old high school student. made this working bicycle - entirely out of wood including the chain. You can check out the ratcheting system he designed here to "allow me to ride down a hill without having to pedal. If it was a direct-drive bicycle, I would have to pedal at all times." Sweet.

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