21 November 2009

nice (info)graphics

Good's Biking to Work infographic last month was great... now this one compares The Effects of Bike Commuting on Obesity.
The average American is both overweight and spends more than 100 hours per year commuting, that vast majority of those hours being spent in a car. Are those numbers correlated? Could we help reduce our societal weight gain by encouraging more commutes by bike or foot? Our latest Transparency is a look at the number of active commutes in several countries, as compared to those countries obesity rates.
You really have to zoom in to read to the numbers - green is # of trips by bike and the orange is the % by foot. While the U.S. has the highest obesity rate according to this graph (66.7%), the Netherlands the highest rate of trips by bike (22%), and Switzerland the highest by foot (45%).

Speaking of infographics, David McCandless' new book The Visual Miscellaneum Book is filled with beautiful two dimensional representations of interesting stats from what colours are "in" to the carbon footprint of weddings...

top via Good.is
bottom via Coolhunting

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