07 October 2009

our bike paths

New York Magazine's tip from below...

How not to get doored.
Most car doors can swing open four feet, so consider 48 inches the safe distance. Since most city bike lanes are only 36 inches wide, ride on the outside of the lane, or take up a lane of traffic, which is your legal right.
had me wanting to share this photo I took the other day on Clinton in Brooklyn which illustrates this very issue...

(this cabbie's door measured about 40")

If ever doored, Transportation Alternative's Biking Rules reminds you to file a police report. The motorist is at fault.
(Law: RCNY 4-12)

In the 9 years I've biked in NYC I have never been doored... I stay far from any stopped cabs and livery cars / if I bike fast (on my road bike) I stay far from parked cars / when I'm biking slower (commuting) I have a tendency to glance in the side view mirrors of parked cars to see if there is a (at least) a front seat passenger since you typically can see their reflection.

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