02 September 2009

The Uniform Project goes for a spin

Last May, The Uniform Project launched with a pledge to wear the same dress for an entire year as an exercise in sustainability... and as a fundraising effort. Money raised (over $12,000 thus far) will go to the Akanksha Foundation to fund educational expenses, including uniforms, for children living in Indian slums.
Since the dress is reinvented each day this year, The Uniform Project often collaborates with other designers. A studio mate of mine, Kathleen Scully, designed a beautiful and sophisticated cycling helmet and gloves which were worn for the 'Champs-Élysées Chic' look a few weeks back...
You can also check out the NYTimes article about The Uniform Project from last July here!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous20.1.10

    so the designer wasn't concerned with the research that shows that helmets covered with fabric increase risk of brain and neck injury?

    it's one thing that helmets aren't even designed to save lives, but increasing the risk of serious injury in order to make money?



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