15 September 2009

london calling

Cycle Chic will soon be carrying the 'ankle spats' above by London-based designer Karta Healey's new collection of cycling gear, TWO n FRO. Healey says his range is 'designed for the silent confidence of a city cyclists everywhere'.

His collection is part of a wider project, AgotoB, encouraging sustainable transportation. Here is a cute little excerpt from the site:
Everyone wants to be more mobile.
Seemingly, everybody needs to be somewhere else in a hurry.
The common side effect to our hypermobility is universal traffic and pollution.
What is being done to ease this global problem?

London 1909: average speed of horse and cart 7mph
London 1999:
average speed of motorists 6mph

Progress? The common car does not serve our needs in the increasingly urban environment. Single occupancy of four-wheeled full-sized cars is an obvious waste. We all need options. A vehicle specific to our needs. It is time we encouraged the market place to provide better designs for modern commuters.
... I'm wondering where those white reflective lace-ups will be sold?

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