30 September 2009

dear (bike) poster lovers...

ARTCRANK Portland is coming up... October 1st - tomorrow night - at the Ace Hotel
A showcase of bicycle-inspired original poster artwork that people can enjoy looking at and afford to take home. ARTCRANK began in Minneapolis in 2007, and has expanded to Denver, St. Lois, Portland, and San Fransisco. Each show features posters created by local artists from the host city.

Admission is free, all posters are priced at $30 and ARTCRANK Portland will donate $5 from every poster sold to Bikes to Rwanda.
More and more cities across the states are going to be seeing their own ARTCRANK poster parties pop up... it is said that Vancouver, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Washington D.C. and NYC are organizing their own in late 2009 and 2010.

Lauren, let me know what you find!

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