09 August 2009

rent a bike

The Bicycle Forest, based in Waterloo, Ontario (CANADA!), has a wide range to choose from:

The free wheeling front axle enables you to coast or pedal like today's modern bicycles. lthough the front wheel is enormous, the Wheelman is still fairly easy to mount thanks to the small step built into the frame.

The bike rolls along at a decent speed thanks to the tiny rear sprocket. The sprocket is too small to integrate a free wheel, so the free wheeling mechanism is built into the crank.

The Couchbike is adjustable to fit a wide range of sofas. Rent the frame alone, or borrow a couch from us. Also be aware that the Couchbike may not be legal on all roads.

Rhoades Car
The two passenger, long frame Rhoades Car and pimped it out with hubcaps, a windshield, rear view mirrors and a rugged body made of galvanized steel wrapped over a welded chromoly steel frame. The LED tail lights and two 55W headlights will guide you home safely through even the most inclement weather. The spacious bed in the rear offers 585L or 20 cubic feet of storage capacity for all of your cargo hauling needs.

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