21 July 2009

for the love of CARGO bikes

These are just a couple cargo bikes I photographed last summer in Copenhagen - a wonderful land where people use three wheels bikes to transport anything from pets, loads of kids, mother + kid, tons of groceries, and much more all in a little cube. So practical, so wonderful.

Christiania Bikes (named after the Copenhagen Christiania commune) have been making "transporter trikes" since 1976. They also make fabulously functional accessories/add ons including seat belts, mattresses, folding benches, rain hoods, and even hoods with windows. Here are just a few...

After living in Brooklyn for over 8 years, last fall I spotted a cargo bike for the first time in Brooklyn (in Park Slope). I feel the biggest obstacle in having one in Brooklyn is parking - while I know some people who argue the roads here are not big enough (which means some cars run you off). In any case, you may be seeing more on the streets soon since L.E.S. Bike Works and Bologna Bikes are collaborating on a new brand of custom personalized bicycle with two models: a cargo bike and metro speedster...
Wonder if the city would ever require cargo bikes to follow pedicabs regulations such as capping the number of them on the street, requiring license plates, insurance, and safety inspections? That would be sad and futile.

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  1. haha. That's my orange bologna - your blog looks great and I am looking forward to exploring it a little bit! S. turned me on to what you are doing - she lives in my building.


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