14 July 2009

the art of bike maintenance: rust remover

For the year-round bike commuter rust is an issue.

Years ago, when looking for the best rust remover out there, my husband got a tip from Rivendell Bicycle Works. As the story goes, Boeing originally developed Boeshield T-9 for the airline industry and fortunately for us it is available to the public (originally targeted for the marine market). Their "Rust Free" product works miracles and takes just seconds to penetrate and remove the worst rust - honestly. After my beater commuter bike had accumulated four seasons of being neglected outside it worked so well in seconds that I ran around the apartment removing every bit of rust everywhere. Fun!

You can buy directly from Boeshield.

We spray and wipe with steel wool - they recommend a Scotch-Brite pad. Okay, turning off the commercial talk...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous15.7.09

    You could also run a piece of wet Aluminium Foil paper: it works wonders, quick and easy.


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