17 January 2011

Trent Jansen Studio's Cycle Sign

Sign Stool 450
Spotted on the pages of VOGUE LIVING Australia ... Sydney-based Trent Jansen is uber resourceful.  He has been salvaging the scraps from the making of his Sign Stool 450 (made from used road signs) and is creating two styles of bicycle reflectors: Cycle Sign: Spoke Clamp and Cycle Sign: Strap. Both of which are available at Cycle Style.

Liking the idea of bringing a material off the streets / into the home / and then back on the streets!


  1. Oh, that is even cooler than Freitag bags! If only somebody in the states would do this (sorry shipping from AU is too much for a few reflectors, however cool)

  2. Thanks for the mention! We are big fans of the Cycle Signs and sold many during Christmas as stocking stuffers. Trent is a very nice guy too :)


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