24 January 2011

Ciao Biciband! via Molletta Design

Melissa and Ignazio are a (husband and wife) duo dedicated to the things they - design and bikes.  They are also the engine behind Molletta Design and the Biciband!

Originating from Milan, Italy - Ignazio recently shared the origins of the Biciband with for the LOVE of bikes...
The first Biciband I made was a year ago and was just a rudimental strap I designed and built for my bike as I could not find anything I liked on the market. I don't like cages as when I to do tricks (or better, attempt to) they scratch the ground, and I didn't like other straps because they came just in black and I'm an "orange" type of guy.
I began making some for me and my wife Melissa, then since friends started asking to make them some I decided to let them available to anyone. I bought a bunch of webbing, manufactured the metal parts and started making some in my garage...
Prototypes developed and tested to achieve the final design - love seeing the progression over time.
Thanks for sharing these with us, Molletta!
The Biciband is currently available in 14 different colours! And even though they may have been designed with the fixed gear cyclist in mind, they can be practical to any cyclist who wants stay connected to their pedals.

Molletta Design on the streets of Las Vegas
Photos via Molletta Design

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