11 April 2010

got milk

BASIL Memories-Bottle Basket incorporates the silhouette of a milk bottle into the wire frame. Thanks évoluer. Looks like it would be pretty easy to come up with some practical uses for them - like wrapping your long purse straps.
On the subject of milk bottles... did you know the first factory that produced milk bottles were manufactured by the New York Dairy Company? The first patents for a milk container (the " Lester Milk Jar") were patented on January 29, 1878 by George Lester of Brooklyn, New York. Most people consider this the first glass jar specifically designed to hold milk. It had a lid that was held in place by a yoke that engaged the base of the jar and a screw that pushed down on the lid. via Diary Antiques

And check out this wire basket - with a lid!
I could see myself locking up my bike, throwing in my helmet and using a little pad lock on the basket. The design would be even better if the lid opened the other way - facing the cyclist - for easy access while stopped at a red light.

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  1. Anonymous13.4.10

    I see you found the 'milk basket' ! isn't it just divine?!


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