10 April 2010

early twentieth century throwbacks

Bowery Lane Bicycles are quite spiffy with their American steel frames handmade in NYC (forged in a factory that derives 30% of its power from solar panels), dual-spring saddles, cork grips, and handcrafted wood crates "perfectly sized for two six packs, shopping bag, or 25 LPs - up to 40lbs". Also note worthy... Bowery Lane Bicycles' factory is located within New York City limits, which means employees can commute via bicycle or public transport. As I am not a fan of coaster brakes -- here's hoping they'll expand their line?!

Those wooden crates reminded of a man (in a suit) I spotted last week riding over the Manhattan Bridge on a vintage cruiser frame equip with a vintage Pepsi wooden crate attached to the rear rack -- much like the above. While I adore wood accessories, Wald's 139-WW Font Basket is a nice (and lighter) compromise made from Ohio White Oak with nice/practical proportions (13" long, 18" wide, 6" deep)...

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