19 April 2012

making NCY bike friendly: air stations

Two nights in a row this week I helped out people on the West Side Greenway with flat tires -- yes, I always carry a bike pump. But it got me thinking back to visiting Stockholm years ago where they have 'cykelpump' stations scattered around the city offering free air to all since after all, lots of flats are a result of low air pressure.

With the growing number of cyclists (including the upcoming launch of NYC's own Bike Share) and the city pumping $$$ (no pun intended) enhancing its waterfront with an eventual continuous bike path around the island... incorporating some free air filling stations would be nice!!! Here's my dreamy scenario of installing air pump stations along the waterfront every 2-3 miles around the city since gas stations and bicycle shops are few and far between...
Additional pump station add ons that come to mind: presta valve adapter, PSI control so you could fill up your road bike tires to 100+PSI(!), and attached wrench and set of Allen keys.

1 comment:

  1. That would be pretty sweet. Unlike you, I have been caught w/o a pump on a number of occasions. Fortunately for me (if there can be a fortunately with a flat), I was on my folding bicycle, so I just took the train home with the bike instead. Still would be nicer to have pump stations (or maybe just to start carrying one?)


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