17 November 2010

718 CYCLERY - a new bike shop in South Slope

This past weekend I happen to stroll on by 7th Avenue b/w 16th Street and Windsor, Brooklyn... and come upon a NEWLY OPENED bike shop in my hood!

718 CYCLERY, INC staff is super friendly and appear to offer quite a lot.. the most unique being Collaborative Builds which they describe as "providing the ability to learn to become the master of your bike" - they will build up a bike WITH you so you learn the in's and out's of your bike and how to maintain it yourself. You can either bring in a frame you have or buy one from them - the shop deals primarily in steel vintage road frames from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but also works with new frames (I spotted a beautiful CASATI frame in there - which was already called for).

Photos from their collaborative build gallery - the owner had been working for years out of his home...
Who could asked for a better addition to the neighborhood?!
Yip Yip Hurray!

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