14 October 2010

bike building IN SCHOOL

Even after recently graduating from a graduate program THIS really makes me want to go back to school!

The beautiful video above is by Tim Bishop, MBA in Design Strategy Alum, showcasing CCA's Industrial Design course "Bike Building I:The Frame". The course was taught at CCA's San Francisco campus and gave design students an opportunity to design and build their own custom bikes from start to finish.

Focusing on traditional principles and techniques of bicycle frame building, Nick Riddle led students through the process of researching, designing, crafting, and manufacturing a custom bike. According to each student's individual desire, some of the final bikes were for mountain riding, others were for road riding, and others were purely for leisure. All were conceived, designed, and assembled in just six weeks.

You can check out photos of the final designs and read more about the course [HERE].
Dreamy. Thanks, Tim!

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  1. Anonymous16.10.10

    'The Frame' ... fantastic video ... thanks for posting it here.


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