11 September 2010

by the seat of your pants II

Last fall I posted about needing reinforced gear due to wear and tear - particularly in the seat of your pants - therefore I'm totally tuned into the 'paneled denim' trend which Refinery29 reported for this season. While some of these designs may be purely going for the 'western-meets-modernist vibe' - others, like ASOS' Paneled Jeans (third from the left) seem to inadvertently be addressing the issue non-spandex clad cyclists have with pants wearing out in that very spot. Imagine that!

From the top left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Patchwork Skinny Jeans at Shopbop; Oak Black Leather-Paneled Jeans at Oak; Selected Femme Paneled Jeans at ASOS; Acne Velvet Patch Jeans at Acne Studios

Also spotted these paneled riding pants at JCrew:

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