24 June 2010

rainbow road

A finalist for Design21's Power to the Pedal competition, Contrail brings all the colours of the rainbow to the road. Developed by Pepin Gelardi & Teresa Herrrmann - here is how they describe the concept...
As you ride, contrail leaves a faint chalk line behind your bike. The goal is to encourage a new cycle of biking participation by allowing the biking community to leave a unique mark on the road and to reclaim this crucial shared space.

The old cycle: More cars on the road → more perceived danger for bikers → fewer bikers on road → even more cars on the road.

The new cycle: A few bicyclists ride with contrail a couple times per week → faint lines on the road inspire curiosity and remind bikers where it's safe to ride → new bikers are encouraged to ride and use contrail → contrail lines get brighter as community grows.

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