24 May 2010

bike block party 2010

hello, Pink Lady!
the owner drove to Pennsylvania years ago to pick up this beauty after spotting her on Ebay

there was no shortage of vintage Schwinn frames - an amazing sight
(I'm pretty sure that turquoise frame with raccoon tails and leather trim went home a winner)

the all-out Puerto Rican ride and winner of 'best in show'
(do I have the right category?!)

the Trek bike prize which went to the 'worst in show'

the winner of 'worst in show'

Thomas Callahan of Williamsburg-based Horse Cycles with his exquisite collection of hand built bicycles

dreamy Blue Lug perforated white leather saddle at the Affinity stand
capturing the 'Heels on Wheels' bike dance sequence - though they opted for flats that day

Carradice saddle bag love

rim section cut turned-wearable

+ the NYCDOT were out w/ great giveaways including ♥ reflective ♥ bike stickers

The 6th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day was truly lovely - thanks to Marin and Dave from the City Reliquary for organizing!

More photos on Flickr and DARGELOS

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  1. Hi. Great blog you have here. I thought you might be interested in the following link for a new independent UK film that's just been released. I haven't seen it yet but I will be as it really does reflect the problems with cycling in the majority of the UK. Plus it just looks like a good film - http://www.bikebeauty.org/2010/Bikebeauty_2010_English/The_Project.html


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