16 December 2009

tis' the season... to repair

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Platform21 = Repairing is a design platform from Amsterdam aiming to positively influence the relationship between user and product. And this is their manifesto.
Platform21 = Repairing starts with the idea that repair has been underestimated as a creative, cultural and economic force. If we don’t start looking at repair as a contemporary activity soon, an incredibly rich body of knowledge – one that contributes to human independence and pleasure – could be lost. The situation is especially puzzling when you consider current global interest in other ideas related to sustainability, such as recycling and the cradle-to-cradle philosophy.
With Platform21 = Repairing we aim to raise awareness of a mentality, a culture and a practice that not so long ago was completely integrated into life and the way we designed it. It is not too late.
I plan to give the gift of repair this year.

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  1. About five days ago I mended a glove and two sweaters and I sewed new buttons on an old coat my mom gave me. (I love that coat-- it has a huge hood that makes me feel like a Jedi). My next project is to mend a pair of socks with toes, but I have to be really careful with the stitches because if they're too thick and clumsy they'll be irritating to my toes.

    Clothing items are easy, but other things are way more challenging. I got my cousin, who is an elctrical engineer, to look at a pair of Japanese speakers I have (like these) that aren't working anymore. He opened up the main part and examined it, but he said there could be a number of issues that are preventing it from working--a couple of them prohibitively expensive to repair. He has to look at it again to narrow down the issues. I hope it's something I can afford to repair, but the fact that they've been in storage for a while and just quit on me makes me wonder if they're worth the effort.


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