17 October 2009

DESIGNER BIKES: Roos Stallinga

Last month I had the good fortune of being introduced to Dutch artist + photographer Roos Stallinga! Roos is the creator and author of the recently published Ride With Me NYC a New York City bike guide. The book takes you on cycling adventures though the city... combining a fun mixture of photographs, art, maps + interviews with NY bikers who share tips and experiences.

From Amsterdam, Roos shared her first time riding in NYC, Dutch bicycles, and dream commuter bike with for the LOVE of bikes. Enjoy + details are below on picking up a copy of the book!

Your first NYC bicycle ride…
I was already an experienced city cyclist, being from Amsterdam, but I remember for the first time following a friend through the traffic on First Avenue in the East Village as a first it does feel a bit like being deflowered! I remember feeling scared and thrilled at the same time, and when we arrived at the destination, I was hooked. I really feel that biking is such a great way to get around New York, I love it so much, that is why I wanted to make a book about it, to share this joy.
What would encourage more women in NYC to bike…
It will happen, and is already happening I think. But, maybe more nice comfy bikes & happy female role models around. It's just a matter of time, probably, and people like you and me doing it and talking/writing/drawing about it.
Living in Amsterdam, what kinds of cyclists do you see…
You really see everything on a bike. Women dressed up, dressed down, men in suits, with more than 2 children in a cargo bike with dogs and groceries, totally pimped graffiti-ed bikes, pink ones, and with a sound system build in:-) You do see some more cruisers lately, and the cargo bike has been a trend for a while now, especially for yuppies.
What would your dream commuter bike be like…
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Like most Dutch people a bike is just a bike, a vehicle to get from A to B, and one you don't want to get stolen so better not be TOO fancy. In Amsterdam I have two bikes: an old Dutch "oma" (granny) and my New York Panasonic ten speed. I am starting to dream about buying myself a strong and beautiful bike especially made for me:-) I would love to draw on it too, somewhere, make a little artwork on it. I am in love with bikes from an old bike maker Het Nieuwe Werck (meaning the new work) in my neighborhood, Grimminck, in Amsterdam. Their website is not so fancy but the bikes are classic. I would like one with a big basket or box on the front where I can put all my groceries and flowers and at some point also a nice childs seat.

You can take a sneak peak at Ride With ME NYC [here] and in NYC, copies are for sale at St. Marks Books, A Bicycle Shop, and very soon... online!

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