02 October 2009

David Byrne + poop scooping

A couple weeks ago, as part of his Bicycle Diaries book launch, David Byrne participated in a panel discussion "Cities, Bicycles and the Future of Getting Around"...

Byrne made a great (and funny) analogy. He recalled NYC in the 70's and how resistant people were to new "pooper scooper" regulations. However, now it is second nature for (the vast majority) of New Yorkers to pick up after their dogs. We have adopted this as a standard and can not imagine it otherwise.

New Yorkers now face a similar dilemma with the renaissance of the bicycle and bike friendly city planning; some skeptical people think we can not adapt to a lifestyle using the bicycle as a primary utility vehicle. As Byrne pointed out with the pooper scooper issue of the 70's "low and behold… people change their behavior when they realize it benefits others"
My signed copy.

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