19 September 2009

take it easy

Slow movements have spread to all corners of our lives - as part of a cultural shift to slowing down and enjoying the many simple pleasures in life. It started with the slow food movement, as a reaction to fast food industry in the late 80's, then helped propel slow cities, slow homes, and slow design .

Launched in 2008, in Denmark, there is a slow movement that I didn't know I was already a member of...
The Slow Bicycle Movement is a celebration of the bicycle. Not as a speed machine or a tool for tribal membership but merely as an enjoyable way to get around.

It's about the journey, not the destination. The destination is, invariably, a fixed geographical point which isn't going anywhere... [okay, sure, the tectonic plates are in constant movement but they are thankfully even slower than us]... so you're going to get there eventually and anyway.

It's about riding your bicycle. To work, to play. Casually, in a relaxed manner. With time to enjoy the self-propelled movement that you and you alone generate. And, of course, to look around and see the landscape - urban or not - that you pass by at your leisurely pace.
Kind of made my day!

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