05 September 2009

livable streets

If a car is moving at 30 mph,
a pedestrian has a 60% chance of surviving a collision

If a car is moving at 40 mph,
a pedestrian has a 30% chance of surviving a collision*

There have been a number of (desperately needed) 'traffic calming' and 'traffic taming' initiatives in the recent years in NYC and I was happy to come across this one by Livable Streets in partnership with my former employer New York Cares...

The streets around an elementary school in Fort Greene, Brooklyn were painted bright colours and bold designs as a reminder that children are at play.

If you have ideas for short term public art interventions, the DOT is accepting 'artervention' applications.

1 comment:

  1. When I called the DOT and asked them to paint our incredibly dangerous intersection, they told me it doesn't qualify for painting because it is too busy! Catch 22. Sigh.


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