27 September 2009

(new) helmets + (new) lights + (new) little carrier

Naturally Core77 has great coverage of the recent EUROBIKE show which had more than a thousand exhibitors from 42 countries. Here are some items included in Core's photo gallery hitting the market this year which I could not resist posting... Catlike Whisper Plus with the most beautiful vents (from Spain)

Viva Bikes helmet composed of fiberglass and leather (from Denmark)
Axa Basta remote control to help find your bike! (from the Netherlands)

Fibre Flare bike light sticks are just cool - versatile w/ a touch of 80's - checkout the U-Tube video of them in action (from Australia)
Fahrer little clutch which can be mounted in a number of ways onto your frame (from Germany)

Interior photos via Core77's photo gallery

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