30 August 2009

Portland, OR: street language

Having just returned from Portland, Oregon - USA's bicycle mecca - I am excited to share the many ways this city has embraced cycling. On a bicycle, with camera in-hand, I documented as much as possible...

Street sign next to the Light Rail tracks... the sight of a cyclist being projected seems appropriately dramatic.

They actually used the word 'please'. Sweet.

Bike racks prove to be a perfect way to communicate to cyclists...
BikeAccidentHelpline.com has a list of what to do if you have a bike accident.

Spotted this sticker in the River City bike store and what a find!
Immediately added to my blog list... safetyissexy.blogspot.com


  1. LOVE the STOP sign!

  2. It's not a great photo of the sign... but I think they actually used reflective paint for the lettering!?!


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