19 July 2010

rapha on the bowery - allez allez

in store bike racks representing the heights of major climbs in the Tour de France

Speaking of Rapha... these days you can make a pit stop to pick up their high-quality well-tailored cycle clothing/accessories at NYC's very own Rapha Cycle Club on Bowery. The shop/cafe is also host to live daily Tour de France screenings. One Tour appropriate purchase: The Rapha Touralet Jersey...
The Rapha Tourmalet Jersey is a special edition cycling jersey to commemorate the centenary of one of the key moments in cycling history. On 21st July 1910, Stage 10 of the Tour traveled over the Col du Tourmalet, the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, for the first time.

It was Alphonse Steines, assistant to Tour founder Henri Desgrange, who first suggested the Tour take on the Giant of the Pyrenees, a climb which features on this year's Etape du Tour. In January 1910, Steines had undertaken a reconnaissance of the mountain. When snow stopped his car four kilometres short of the summit, he continued on foot, eventually being rescued by a search party at three in the morning. The telegram Steines sent to Desgrange contained the now immortal line that the Tourmalet was, in his opinion, "Perfectly Acceptable".
shop photos via PSFK

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